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Tangkou doll review

Hey guys, so I only had my new Tangkou doll for a few hours before the dog chewed her up, but I was able to get a good look at her before because I had wanted to do a review on the Tangkou dolls. Luckily after I picked up all the pieces and put her back together she is mostly intact with just scratches and loose joints as some of the connectors are broken. Anyways, here is what I think of her-

This review of the Tangkou Italy doll is mostly based on her comparison to a Pullip (type 3) because of their similarities.

Tangkou dolls are Chinese and made in china. She came in a great box with a colorful sleeve and was really easy to get out.

They have a rather interesting eye mechanism with a push button, and a lever in the back of their head. The button switches between 4 eye colors that are also in 4 different positions. One looking front, the next down to the right, the third is center, and the fourth is down to the left. The lever can be pushed up and to the right to close her eyelids, which are painted with a design and have eyelashes.

These are kinda freaky.

Tangkou dolls have large eyes and most do not have eyebrows. They have smaller, and much cuter ears than Pullip that stick out enough to tuck hair behind them and have holes for earrings. Their lips and nose are much larger than Pullips and stick out in a more realistic profile. Tangkou’s expressions are much quirkier than Pullips’, but they have alot of charm.

Unlike Pullips, Tangkous can move their heads slightly in all directions and turn their head at an even angle. They have a bust similar in size to a Pullip types 2 and 3, with a turnable joint right below the bust. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders and elbows but do not have the maneuverability that Pullip arms have because they don’t have a turning joint at mid upper arm like Pullips and they only have hinged wrists. Their hands are also made out of a soft plastic.They do however have feet that can come off and move front to back and all around. this is great for turning the toes in or out for a more natural look. The body has a nice weight to it and is much better quality than I expected to get based on the price.

The legs with one foot on and one foot off and a wrist joint.

The clothes were also nice quality…but a bit eclectic even for me. I mean… bloomers, stockings, a tank top, boots, and a fuzzy parka? Where has she been, a lolita slumber party in the arctic? She also came with these accessories.

The passport has a few cute pages in Chinese talking about the doll and how to work the eyes, and a plastic certificate of authenticity card.

Some people say the eye mech jams alot, but I’ve also heard people say that Pullip type 3’s hands break and fall off alot, and I haven’t had a problem with either. Maybe I am more gentle with my dolls, but i use them as models for clothes all the time so I doubt that. I really love my Tangkou doll and say she is definitely worth getting, especially considering the price! If you are interested in Pullip, Dal, or Blythe, but are afraid/can’t afford the price, then I would highly recommend starting with a Tangkou. I’d love to hear your opinion of these dolls so don’t be shy to leave a comment!

Also, please keep in mind that when I got her she was in perfect condition, and any imperfections you see in these pictures happened after i got her.


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