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So this past 10 days I was able to meet some relatives of mine for the first time and I really enjoyed it. So much in fact that I had to whip up some early gifts for them while I was in their neck of the woods.

Socks for my Great Aunt, and a hat for my Great Uncle.

Socks for my Great Aunt, and a hat for my Great Uncle.

Warm head bands for my Dad's cousins kids. Girls 3 and 6.

Warm head bands for my Dad’s cousins kids. Girls 3 and 6.

And a 10yo boy. My on the fly attempt at the Angry Bird Pig.

And a 10yo boy. My on the fly attempt at the Angry Bird Pig.


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I’m so excited!!!!! I want a Lati Yellow sooooo bad, but I was able to find a super super cheap doll that is almost as cute at The Junky Spot! It’s the Hujoo baby Suve! I ordered her Monday morning and I just can’t wait for her to get her so I can make her adorable baby clothes to fit her chubby lil body! It’s hard to make tiny lacey dresses with big open skirts work with tall skinny dolls. So in the mean time I thought I would get cracking on some Christmas presents in between the intense cleaning we are doing to make the house acceptable for hosting Thanksgiving dinner XD oh my goodness, I just might die! I think this year I will be making mostly hats because that’s what everyone seems to want. I had sat down and made some awesome fuzzy house socks for my mother last night that worked up so fast and were the most perfect pair with just a few adjustments to the free pattern I found. I’ll do a post on those soon. They were meant to be for Christmas but I was so proud of them I just had to give them to her that night, and of course she was thrilled, which makes me thrilled. I think I might buy a set of wooden matryoshka dolls and paint them for her for her Christmas present. I also am going to make a hat with a detachable crochet beard for my boyfriend, a cotton mug cover and dish towel set for my grandmother, and an embellished sweater for my other grandmother. I could blather on about other things but I’ll get to the part you all came here to see, the pictures.

This is a little bunny I made because I wanted something cute.

This was supposed to be a goldfish, but then the pattern became incomprehensible when it got to the body. Don’t you hate that? I mean, you work so hard only to get into a terrible rut. I usually make up my own pattern when that happens but I got so discouraged that I decided to turn it into a mermaid tail in progress.

Can anyone guess who this is going to be?

My new favorite dress.

Pretty pretty!

I can’t wait for my new dolly!!!!!!!! When I get her I’ll do a review and everything and then probably post some patterns for clothes because there isn’t alot of love for them on the web. I think they might be pretty new..?

Have a great day and thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you!

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