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Here is the pattern for the jumper from the previous post. It was specifically made for the Best Friend Club inc. dolls, but can fit similar sized ones and also can be easily adapted to fit any other sized doll.

BFC inc. Jumper:

This pattern is written in US terms.

You need:

Worsted weight yarn in main color and a little in an accent color

Two buttons

Needle and thread

Yarn needle

Size F hook


Chain 30 in main color and join together.

Row 1- sc in every chain.     30 sc

Row 2- sc around     30 sc

Row 3- sc around     30 sc

Row 4- sc around     30 sc

Row 5- sc around     30 sc

Row 6- slip stitch in next sc and ch 2.Dc in the same space as slip stitch, ch 2, 2 more dc in the same space. *Skip next stitch, and 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in next stitch space* Repeat from ** around and join with a slip stitch around the first chain 2.    15 scallops made

Row 7- Ch 2, dc in the ch 2 space of the previous row. Ch 2, 2 dc in same space. * 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc in next ch 2 space of previous row* Repeat from ** around and join with a slip stitch around the ch 2 at beginning of the row.    15 scallops made

Row 8-11 Repeat row 7. FO.  (Or keep going until the skirt is the length you want.)


Row 1- sc across the front middle 10 stitches in the chain 30 at the beginning of the skirt. ch 1 and turn.   10 sc

Row 2- sc across, ch 1 and turn.    10 sc

Row 3-8 Repeat row 2. FO             10 sc


Make two

Leave a long tail for sewing

Row 1- Chain 26, turn and sc 25 across. Ch 1 and turn.    25 sc

Row 2- sc to the last 3 stitches, ch 2, skip the next 2 stitches and sc in the last. Ch1 and turn.    25 stitches

Row 3- sc in last stitch of last row, 2 sc in the chain 2 space, sc across. FO     25 sc

(You could make the straps shorter if you don’t want them to cross in the back.)


In your accent color dc 2 times in every space around and 4 times in the corners. FO


Sew the straps to the top aligned at the corners. Make sure you dont sew the end with the button hole!!!

Weave in all ends and sew the buttons on the back of the skirt with the needle and thread. It should look like this:

And you’re done! I hope you like this pattern and can read it well! Feel free to ask if you have any questions! I’d love to see pictures if anyone makes one!

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