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So this is the pattern for Fiona’s hair…it’s not much of a pattern and will probably be super hard to follow, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a cartoon after all!

With J hook and pale yellow yarn

Ch 9, turn and hdc in the 3rd ch from hook and the next 6, ch 6.

Turn and hdc in the 3rd ch from hook and the next 9 stitches. ch 2 and turn.

Hdc in the next 10 stitches and ch 14.

Turn and hdc in the 3rd ch  from hook and the next 21 stitches. Ch 2 and turn.

Hdc in the next 16, ch 2 and turn.

Hdc to the end of the row. FO.

Surface crochet, or sew, the hair on to the square, overlapping the face. Curl the long end a bit when you secure it so it flips out like in the picture. Weave in ends or hide them between the hair piece and the back of the square. And you’re done!

You could also use this for any other bangs you might need.  Thanks for all the views! Don’t forget to follow and comment!


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...might be more of a rectangle, but that can be managed...

…might be more of a rectangle, but that can be managed…



Size J crochet hook

Worsted Weight Yarn in blue, white, cream, black, (and a pale yellow for Fiona’s hair.)

This pattern is in American crochet terms.


In white

Ch 22, turn and half double crochet in the 3rd chain from hook and the next 19. Ch 2 and turn.  20 stitches

Hdc across ch 2 and turn for 10 more rows,

Hdc to the end of row 11 and change to blue, FO white,      making 12 rows of white.

In blue

Ch 2 and turn.

Hdc across, ch 2 and turn. Repeat for 5 more rows making 6 rows of blue, FO.


Ears    (make two)

In white

Leave a long tail for sewing at the beginning, ch 7 , turn and hdc in 3rd chain from hook, and next 4, ch 2 and turn.


Skip next stitch and hdc 4, ch 2 and turn.

Skip next stitch, hdc in next two stitches, ch 2 and join to last stitch. FO

Align ears to the top corners of the head (the white part is the top) and sew on. FO and weave in tails.

*** To make Fiona’s ears, hdc 5 across, ch 2 turn



In cream

Start with a magic circle, sc 6 times

In first stitch of previous round 2 sc in each stitch. making 12 stitches

(sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch) around, 18 stitches

Continue increasing in multiples of six for a total of 9 rounds ending with 54 stitches, FO.


To finish, embroider eyes with black and surface crochet or embroider his smile. Surface crochet or sew on his face to the middle of the white part. FO and weave in ends.

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the stitches of Fiona's hair and be able to wing it yourself!

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the stitches of Fiona’s hair and be able to wing it yourself!

For Fiona’s hair, I free formed it and didn’t write down the pattern so I will have to look at it and figure out what I did. I should have that up soon.


I hope you can read this!! I tried to translate it from my pattern scratch but I have the flu so I’m not at my best today, sorry. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me, I will be glad to help!

Also, this pattern is completely of my own creation (though I do not own the characters Finn or Fiona) and is for personal use only. I ask that you do not sell this pattern or the items you make from it. Thank you.

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I doubt anyone has noticed how long it’s been since I last posted, but just in case you were wondering when I was going to post more awesomeness and perhaps where I’ve been, I’ve had a terrible migraine with nausea that keeps me from using anything with a screen and crocheting ect. so I haven’t been able to post. Thankfully it seems to havew passed now and I’ve been busy making random things to get out all my creative juices that have been locked inside me these past weeks! Sorry for the crappy pics taken on my bed, but I’m freezing to death!

This is my progress on the Adventure Time blanket. The on on the very top will be Gunter. Then from left to right on the top row: Lumpy Space Princess, Fiona, Finn, Stormo, and  Lemon Grab. On the bottom row: Cinnamon Bun, Jake, Peppermint Butler, Wild Berry Princess, and Cake. I hope to have 8 rows of 6 across at some point before I die! XD

Here is a Pullip sized dress I made. It’s simple but I like it. She looks a little less depressing in it….a little.

This one is similar but more easy going. I think it looks perfect for a stroll by the ocean.

These two I made with a new skein I got today. It’s Paton’s lace in porcelain. I think they look like winter fairies, so pretty.

They can also be worn as skirts! Woot!

This is an elf-ish jumper for a Best Friend Club inc. doll. I don’t have any other clothes for her yet so unfortunately she’s mostly naked.

This is what it looks like from the back. The buttons are functional for easy dressing. I have the pattern and was going to post it soon to see if anyone would test it for me, even though it is pretty simple. I would like to improve my skills at writing patterns that OTHERS can read too! Haha!

I didn’t expect this to look so pretty! She looks like a female Jack Frost. Jacqueline Frost! Well that’s it for now. I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm, especially those hit by Sandy. It’s so important to be prepared for emergencies! It’s as easy as washing out a few empty soda bottles and filling them with water and putting them under the sink. You can use them drink or wash with, or just to flush the toilet. And you should always try to keep at least three days worth of food in the house. As well as a fully stocked first aid kit, extra prescription medications, and essentials like flashlights, radios, and batteries. I think it’s unbelievable that people will try to drive to the next state to get what they can from a gas station or Mcdonalds instead of just having what you need at home. You won’t always be able to do that. The road might not be clear, or you may not be able to get gas, not to mention that it will be dangerous during and right after and emergency situation. So please everyone, take care of your own families. And if you’ve been told to evacuate, DO IT!


Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your comments!

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I finished the Fiona square! Next I’m working on Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, and Wildberry Princess.

I may have this blanket done by Christmas, that would be awesome.

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I finished the first square today, Finn! I will make a similar one with some hair for Fiona.

Isn’t he cute? I’m so excited about this! Leave a comment if you want the pattern.

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